Using Ponga to
Share Travel Stories

​The other day it dawned on me… my travel stories and the hard covered albums I have created would be great fun if they were interactive. They belong on Ponga too!

So off I went, converting the albums I’d created after a trip to Italy a few years ago into Ponga, “Pongaporting,” as I call it. The result? See for yourself… magic…

As I’m writing this, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought domestic and international travel to a standstill. Rather than dwell on today’s limitations, I wanted to focus on what we have done already. We’ve done a lot!


It doesn’t matter if the trip was across the lake or overseas, if there are pictures of it, there are stories to share. I can pretty much guarantee that those stories… are going to inspire interaction and open conversations. All you need to do is share them. Ponga creates the privacy missing in social media. It also creates a safe environment that’s preserved and valued so that your family knows that their comments will matter.

Let’s get sharing and saving stories.