These are stories, events and emotions from my life. Please read, enjoy, reflect and experience.


A return trip to France in 2018 sent us on a search for a hidden winery. What a surprise, a delightful service, we found. 


A terrifying experience as a five year old girl in suburban Montreal lead to the writing of a memory. 


Like most travel escapades, there’s always something unforeseen and
overlooked that creeps in and smacks us around the head.


All my reasons for being there were wrong.


Perhaps not exactly wrong, but certainly not in the right order.


Irene’s introduction to a new neighbour proves to be confusing. History  may have unlocked the answers. 

A short story by Victoria MacGregor


Larry the Lemon lived in a cardboard box on the corner of Rachel Road and Abernathy Lane tucked under the awning of the closed down video store, up behind the new supermarket. He was an institution, an icon of the area.