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The telling and sharing of stories through crowd-sourcing

All the above photographs have hidden stories to tell. The sad thing is that most photographs like these get tossed into a box or stuck into an album or banished to a shelf in the back of some closet only to be discovered when the person who tossed it on the shelf is gone. Maybe by YOU!

Then that inspiration takes hold. Overtakes you. Scan all those photos, get digital. Share the images with family, add in your best storytelling (what you can remember), this will be great....BUT WAIT??? Isn't that going to get a tad expensive?

It's completely true that online photobook publishing is an absolute blast for us creative types, even the not so creative types can get into it and do beautiful work, hence why it's so popular... but if you want to share those photobooks, by share I mean publishing additional copies... get ready to pull out your wallet. Cause it's gonna get expensive.

Oh... and the other thing... if you make a mistake... ka-ching, ka-ching, another copy. And, should you find out discover interesting really fabulous, or scandalous, about the people in the family album and want to include it, yup... ka-ching, ka-ching, one more time.

​And would you believe it? The first printed copy arrived with a very inappropriate typo... a not suitable for grandma to read kind of typo... back to the printers. Got the second copy at the exact moment I received some wonderful information that I also wanted to include in the book. Back to the printers?

Ah no... back to the drawing board is more like it... actually... back to the Storyboard.

The Family Album meets the Storyboard

Stories have always been passed down through the generations. Shared and sometimes embellished through time and through the memories of more than just one person. Any of the above examples, while very pretty sitting on a coffee table or bookshelf, can't do that. They can't be shared with more than one person at time or embellished on. It's happened to me and my siblings, same event, different memory. Introducing Ponga Pictures Ponga organizes your uploaded photos.. You identify a face once, and Ponga remembers it.Ponga is more than just a shared album of photographs. Much more. Add in documents, historical and geographical links and shared stories... and you have an album that your guests and family members will visit often. This is pure genius.

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