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Transport a physical album into Ponga and
use it to crowdsource stories from friends and family.

Photographs tossed in a box. Pretty much where many of us family storytellers begin. Cleaning out a relative’s closet, discover a treasure chest of old family photographs, then what?


(Unfortunately for me, I threw so many old photographs out that I still lose sleep about it… oh the stories lost!)

Go searching for how to bring the photographs and the stories behind them into some sort of album of course. What's it going to be?

  • Social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

  • Printed hard cover book?

  • e-book?

  • Leave them in the box for someone else to figure out?

Become a Pongaporter: A Ponga Family Album Storyteller

I started with the hard cover idea. After printing my two initial copies I discovered, much to my horror, a few embarrassingly unfortunate typos. Seriously bad, don’t show to grandma kind of bad. The expense of printing additional edited copies removed most of the joy out of creating them.

To add insult to the injury,  I unearthed more vital information and stories that I’d wanted to inject into the hardcover album. It wouldn’t be possible without printing more books.
And oh, the trees! The bark covered kind.

Ka-ching, ka-ching!

The cost blowout was going to be the end of my storytelling journey.

The search was on for an alternative way to share my research and source more stories. I wanted to engage other members of my family and grow the stories still hidden in the research.

Facebook, Instagram are not what I am about or what I was after. I wanted private, intimate interactions with family and friends.

Ponga appeared like a beacon of light on my radar, and my obsession became… an infatuation. And then I became… a “Pongaporter.”

My first Ponga Storyboard Album is a goliath. A 28-slide, 90-plus embedded image monster. I jumped in way above my head. But Ponga was my lifesaver, and Audie is always at the ready to throw me a life line, so I had all the confidence in the world needed to do this. I’m in… 100%.

Now… the Pongaporting marathon begins. A stack of hardcover family albums await.

Ponga is all about organizing your pictures quickly and easily so that you can use them to privately share stories with family and friends. Stories come to life with words, voice, video, and other media so that they’re more personal, engaging, and accessible. Check them out at and tell ’em Victoria sent you.

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