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moments in time

Muriel Moore MacGregor and Walter Malcolm MacGregor
Walter Malcolm MacGregor, Muriel Moore MacGregor, Esther Helme Moore and John Moore

These images show my parents in the 1940s, before they had their first child in 1951. 

Seems my mother is trying to work out how to use her new camera. A camera I remember being in the house in the 1960s and 70s.

The other photo showes my father being offered a handshake from one of my mother's five brothers, John. Next to him is my very animated grandmother, Esther Alice Moore. She looks completely overjoyed with seeing them, especially my father.

So why the heart jump?

Because something in the photo made me wonder... the tape over my Uncle John's left eye.

I have a snapshot in time of this day too.

Frank Moore, Muriel Moore MacGregor, Ross Moore and John Moore in Hamilton Ontario 1940s

Same tape over my Uncle John's left eye, my mother wearing the same coat, and it looks like a glorious spring day in Hamilton Ontario Canada. No leaves on the trees yet.

So? What was going on here. Was it Easter Sunday? Was my Uncle John extending his hand to my father because my parents shared news of their first child coming in July? Or, maybe it was before my parents married in 1945 and this was an engagement gathering.

One thing I do know for sure... my Uncle John was an amateur boxer, and clearly was the victim of a mean right cross.

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