Family Tree Presentation and Sharing

  • Digital storytelling

  • Sharing family stories found in photographs

  • Family tree presentation

  • Secure and privately

  • Away social media crowd

Comments from family

Cousins come together and share childhood memories inspired by a single photograph saved privately and secure in Ponga


A family tree presented through Ponga becomes a shared work of art, curtesy of House Elves Anonymous

Other uses for Ponga come in a variety of different ways and circumstances:

  1. Bonding: Forge the global divide and connect with children and grandchildren

  2. Reunions: Reconnect with family. Share old family photos, and use them to tell stories and add to each other's memories.

  3. Contextualized Research: Use Ponga to present ancestry research and family tree with extended family contextualized in pictures. Using such a compelling medium to share discoveries, encourages them to reciprocate and share what they’ve learned.