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Ponga Pages reach out &
draws guests
into the family stories

The faces in the photo are never the entire story. There's always a back story.
You may know something specific about your ancestor, or maybe discovered something that no one else knows, or even talks about. And you want to add it in and share, show and tell.

Storyboard creation
The violin and an uncle
A storyboard brings photos, and documents together in a fun and interactive way.
A letter is a page torn from a history book
The Needham Family
Storyboard Series - Travel

I discovered that one of my great granduncles was listed as an idiot from birth on a UK census from 1871. Bit harsh in modern language. But as I found out, not in the 19th century. He ended up dying in a workhouse at the age of 34.

workhouses were a part of the UK in teh 19th century

I created a Ponga Storyboard slide for that back story, to fill in some historical details. No one in any of the above photos are family, at least not that I know of.

I wanted to pull my guests into the story of what life must have been like in the late 19th century England.


One key ingredient when using Ponga to create an interactive family album, the one that brings it out in front of the others,  is that you can update it as you go.

Find something that needs updating...something that needs to be removed maybe, and it's just a simply click, flick or tick.


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