Present your family history on a family tree of exquisite design

House Elves Anonymous Family Tree

Your family tree is more than simply names and dates on a page. There are stories behind those people. Places, things and even pets fill our the story, giving context to your family history.

With a family tree from House Elves Anonymous and Ponga as the library of family history, you are going to be a very popular person with family.

House Elves Anonymous is my canvas of choice for my family tree. 

My research goes back some 300 years, so this intricate tree is perfect, room for 70 entries, 5 generations.

The Black Dog Pub in Belmont Lancashire England kept popping up in my research. It played a significant part in the lives of my ancestors. 

It's almost a relative.

I am inviting you to view and comment on my Ponga Family Tree. Come and see how Ponga,  is the perfect family tree portal for your own family tree.

Be my guest, just ask for an invite!

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