Storytelling and a Family Tree 

Grandmas dressup 65-66.jpg
Grandmas dressup 65-66.jpg
James Needham - seated with sons and spouses.jpg
  • Family stories
    found in photographs

  • Shared digitally in a family
    tree presentation

  • Secure and private

  • Away from social media

These family tree designs  presented through Ponga became shared works of art, courtesy of House Elves Anonymous
that I now share with my family.

family tree house elves anonymous

Even an "incomplete" family tree has stories that need to be shared. Why wait until the research is completed? We all know it never will be really finished after all. Some of the stories need to be shared... now.

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Ponga Family Tree - documents
House Elves Anonymous presented family tree
Old letters tell a story on the family tree
Storyboard - pongaporting
The violin tells the story
House Elves Anonymous
Pongaporting an album