Digital storytelling... the sharing of family stories found in photographs, in a secure and private way, far from the uninvited social media crowd. And the magic happens.

Pongaport, the transferring of a traditional hard covered family album,  into Ponga and
use it to crowdsource stories from friends and family.

Crowdsource the stories through photographs shared

Imagine sitting at your computer in your house and privately sharing special family moments or ancestral stories in real time? Using platforms like Zoom or Skype, your parents, grandchildren, and children can enjoy the Ponga digitally presented family albums with you, at the same time. Amazing to me that we can do this. But we can.

I use Ponga in a variety if different way and circumstances:

  1. Bonding: I connect with my son who lives a continent away, by sharing photographs and stories about him when he was young.

  2. Reunions: I reconnect with my cousins, some of whom I’ve not talked to in over 40 years. We share old family photos, and use them to tell stories and add to each other's memories.

  3. Contextualized Research: I use Ponga to present my ancestry research and family tree with my extended family contextualized in pictures. Using such a compelling medium to share what I’ve learned, encourages them to reciprocate and share what they’ve learned.