James Needham - seated with sons and spouses.jpg
  • Hidden in photographs

  • Or in Family Trees

  • Treasured family heirlooms

  • Memories of those who were there at the time

These family tree designs  presented through Ponga became shared works of art, courtesy of House Elves Anonymous.  This continues to be the way in which I share family stories.


I got goose bumps when I start telling parts of my family story. I undoubtedly bore a few people to tears  with the stories.

So much of what I like to write about involves buckets of imagination, and loads of research. With any luck when I start a story, I have a photograph.

A writer doesn't need to actually have lived an event or during a particular time themselves to be able to write about it with glorious details. All writing can't be auto-biographical. Some storytelling comes from stories passed down from our ancestors to us. We toss in some imagination and create a story worthy of a  read by just about anyone.

Many writers would be out of work, and history would never get written if it weren't for people wanting to write about the past.